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Would you like to partner with us in a very attractive business?

If so, this is the page your are looking for.

Milton Idioma’s international project is based on the offering and the subsequent services selling to foreign people or visitors who wish to live a wonderful staying in Seville.

Those Services ( or packages) may include housing, cultural activities ( like tours) and Spanish courses at our school, to name a few.

Our school can afford the infrastructure to obtain the success of the quoted packages: We are located in the heart of the city and we have access to a great housing network around the school.

*Just as a an example of the many possibilities we can explore in the agreements, our partners sometimes wish to be in charge of some of the quoted services included in the package ( for example, housing). In that case, we afford all the lefting services to complete the package. We are open to explore any possibility.

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Our school already has an important partners’ network who recruit new clients around the world wanting to enjoy one of our packages in Seville.

Our partners receive some important economical quantities when recruiting clients for the project. If you feel you have the capabilities and the possibility to recruit clients from your country ( or any other part of the world) and you would like to carry out such a job, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it. We are sure we can established a partnership you will enjoy both economically and professionally. We will be delighted to have new agreements with new partners who are able to do that, and best of all, we are open to hear about your new ideas and possibilities you would like to add to this project in case you have them.

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By means of Milton Idioma’s International Project, now you have the opportunity to obtain the benefits that such a partnership will give you. Don’t hesitate to join us for it.

To carry out a partnership with us, for any query, and to obtain any detail about it, don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

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We will be delighted to hear from you

Milton Idiomas.

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